Five Pieces I introduced

“Birds Brotherhood”

This is actually a repair of a piece I did last year, and they are about bird gods who have their arms evolved into wings.
One major theme of my portfolio is to create animal gods out of imagination, this piece is one of them.
I had intended to convey a mysterious holiness, but failed to so in my old piece because I felt it lacked the atmosphere. So i adjusted to a warmer lighting that inflicted a more divine feeling in this new one.
I also added these clouds and rays as well as this flower symbol to make the piece look more ethereal.
And since this piece features bird gods, I felt it important to draw eyes to the wings. And in the original design, the wings had an abstract quality, it overall lacked details. So I put a lot more effort in drawing the wings in this second version, and I also developed a more dynamic color range to draw the viewers’ attentions.


I once visited a church and was deeply moved by the sensory stimulation that the architecture portrayed. I was inspired by the warm and inviting atmosphere of the church. Even though I don’t identify as a religious person, I wanted to bathe the image in a transcendent light glowing from above.

“Humans and Artificial Human”

This third piece is a pencil drawing self portrait. I didn’t want to make it boring, so I depicted myself as a robot, having these tiny people watching me. This also includes some concepts such as AI taking over the world. Or like environmental pollution as you can see there is polluted smoke coming out right here, and these people are standing in a bubble so that they are protected from pollution. And there is also some fish over here representing the ocean. So there is three different in this painting, the ocean, smoke which represent the aire, and the land.


This forth piece is done in pen, also a self portrait of me in my room. The pose is an accurate representation of my time alone, with all the sundry on my desk to show the truest insight of my everyday life. I’ve been drawing based on my imagination so for this piece I wanted to draw something that is related to my real life. So I didn’t include any imaginative elements in this piece because it is supposed to be realistic


This is the last one I’m introducing, back to digital medium. You may notice some similarities to the first piece I introduced. This is the same bird god but in a different composition. The figure has his eyes closed and he is holding a sword pointing downwards. Because I wanted to make him god like, so I put these geometric designs as decorations, also so that there is a contrast in the texture between the figure and the background.

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